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Arrival at DERI Galway

Visiting DERI.
science and engineering technology building I'm working at Ireland's Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI) until early December, where I'll try to contribute to the relaunch of the community portal. I actually planned to maintain a list with entries about Murphy's Law hitting me, but didn't expect that I'd have to start with it directly at the airport:
  • My suitcase didn't make it to Galway. They found it a couple of hours later in Dublin
  • My hand luggage was too big, so I had to put one of my folders in the suitcase. I smartly picked the one with the printed campus map of NUI Galway. Now I couldn't direct the taxi driver to DERI, where the key for my place to stay waited.
  • The extended taxi ride got close to a sightseeing tour (EUR 25) and I had to pay another EUR 15 for the bring-in service of my suitcase in the evening.
A good start ;)

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