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Kick-off Meeting

DERI Kick-off.
I had the kick-off meeting with Stefan Decker and Andreas Harth today where I proposed an iterative approach for the relaunch of in order to be able to have an updated website by November 7. The schedule is very tight, with the first deadline being just a couple of weeks away.

The reason is that there may (hopefully) be some media awareness (or at least some people who'd like to find out more about the SemWeb) after this year's International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC), we should really put up something by then (as it doesn't really help disseminating the Semantic Web when the second or third best result in a Google search points to a website that hasn't been updated for 16 months ;)

Directly after that I joined a face2face meeting of the DERI Semantic Web Portal Working Group (SWP WG) which was quite interesting. The portal was one of their initial use cases, so my work is perhaps going to be mentioned in one of the SWP WG's deliverables. Nice. (Well, only if I don't screw it up...;)

Oh, and there was a social event at Galway's Bazaar Bar afterwards:

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