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Simple Basic PHP lib for working with RDF documents

ARC Simple Model class
During the last 2 days I added better import capabilities to OWLchestra, so that I can hopefully start working with Danny on an integrated version of our project vocabularies prj and pm now. However, as a more or less unplanned by-product, I created a little library of functions to ease working with triples returned by the ARC RDF/XML parser.

As there still seems to be demand for some simple RDF tools I cleaned my stuff up a little bit and made another ARC class out of it: ARC_simple_model transforms triple arrays into indexed and associative arrays and offers some convenience methods for accessing e.g. resources of certain types etc.

It's PHP-based, so don't expect performance wonders. The usual "Thomas Power Benchmark" on a hosted Web server was quite ok, though: 2 seconds for parsing (a local copy), 1 second to build the (cough) "model", and another second or so to generate an ugly list of foaf:knows relations. The parser isn't perfect yet, you might want to test it with your FOAF file first (simply add a "?url=[URL of your foaf file]" to the test script). Bug reports are welcome.

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