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Some thoughts on Semantic Web site interoperability

Semantic Web site interop ideas
There is a workshop on Semantic Web site interoperability somewhere in the UK (at KMi ?) next week. I won't be able to attend (My mission for the next days will be to find out if David is still life-guarding the foaflets of the Caribbean ;), but DERI's SemWeb cluster will be there and asked me to provide some slides. While scribbling them I (again) came across the issues of resource description discovery. I think I have some ideas how to basically implement the stuff, but there are still two things that I'd really like to be addressed by the Best Practices or Data Access Working Group:
  • A standard way for site developers to point scutters and other SemWeb agents to resource descriptions (MGET support vs. response headers etc.) from a given URI
  • A standard way to tell SemWeb agents how to find a site's SPARQL end point / query interface (something less complicated than UDDI, please).

(I only had a quick glance at the draft of the SPARQL protocol, maybe there is already a proposal on its way for the second issue.)

Oh yes, and the hash vs. slash issue, of course ;) (I guess that's somehow related to interoperability, too...)
But first: holiday!

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