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ARC RDF/XML PHP parser v.0.2.0 passes positive parser tests

ARC passes all 128 W3C RDF/XML positive praser tests
The ARC RDF/XML Parser now passes each of W3C's positive parser tests.

I've also written a little test script using the ARC Simple Model class which helped me identify issues with the parser and also generated the test results.

As far as I know, ARC is currently the only PHP-based parser that passes all of the 128 positive tests, but in case you need a validating parser, RAP is still the only choice. The only tests it doesn't pass correctly are those using a non-ASCII rdf:ID, or XML literals. (Not passing the latter ones could also be my fault as RAP's N-Triples serializer is using a version of ARC's unicode NFC encoder. Shame on me then..)

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