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After struggling for three days with unicode and server availability issues I've now updated both the editor and the browser at the beta site, and I'm really starting to have fun with the system.

New components and features

  • Auto-Smushing
    Resources are automatically consolidated based on owl:FunctionalProperties and owl:InverseFunctionalProperties.
  • Manual Smusher
    It's possible to manually invoke the [wl Smusher] via an HTML interface and to see how resources were merged.
  • Provenance information
    The summaries now have a "sources" tab showing the different RDF files that were used to generate the selected resource view. The provenance information contains the URL of the source, the number of relevant statements, and a list of properties. Each source can be updated or removed online.
  • Un-Smusher
    As I expect there to be inconsistent data in the database sooner or later, I wanted to be able to split incorrectly merged resources. So I extended the store to not only keep track of sources, but also to save the initial identifier of subjects and objects. This makes the indexes larger but allows to efficiently reset merged URIs and bnode IDs. The Un-smusher is linked from the RDF browser (after selecting a resource).
  • Add-URL form
    You can import remotely maintained resource descriptions by simply entering the URL of your RDF/XML file in the "Add source" form on the browser page. At the moment, the reader doesn't follow redirects, and the amount of imported statements is limited.
  • Incoming relations
    The browser doesn't process owl:inverseOf information. Given that my inferencer is written in PHP, I was a little bit too shy to stress the server even more. But what I've added is an "Incoming relations" tab which lists all the resources which reference the selected individual. I found this feature to be very helpful as the browsing flow no longer stops due to dead-ends. It's especially nice for all the properties that don't have an explicit owl:inverseOf definition.
  • Browsing history
    The RDF browser maintains a clickable list of the last 7 resource summaries viewed.

Updated components:

  • Person views
    The experimental "Person" view I mentioned in my last post is now activated. It tries to find a person's title and name (via either foaf:name or combinations of given/first + ur/family/last name), an image, mailboxes, weblogs, homepages, and workplace homepages. Any other properties are rendered by the "Resource" template.
  • Improved editor
    I've re-arranged the RDF editor's layout. Instead of displaying the resource description list at the top of the main column, it's now in the right column. Much much less scrolling now, and less flickering in Gecko-based browsers. Additionally, the "quick-add" and "quick-edit" tabs are no longer nested in the "overview" tab, they are in the same tab box now. The nested tab boxes didn't really work usability-wise. The property editor still uses them, I haven't found a better way yet. But with the resource list out of the way, the property editor works better, too.
I tested the site with Mozilla/Firefox/Netscape 8, IE6, and Opera 7.23 on a windows machine. It also seems to work with Firefox on Linux and Mac. It would be great to get some additional compatibility feedback (and also to see the repository grow ;). Unfortunately, this blog doesn't have comments, so my email address is the only thing I can offer for bug reports.

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