finally a bnode with a uri - Semantic Web photo annotation and browsing

Online service for RDF-based conference photo annotation and browsing
Give it a try if you like. It was planned as a w3photo 2005 update for this year's WWW conference, but I didn't make it in time. So I renamed it to confoto, hoping for some pictures of upcoming events (namely XTech and ESWC 2005) which I won't be able to attend.

RDF export and SPARQLy access for gargonza experiments are in the works, but I have to focus on some other urgent projects first.

Main features:
  • image upload
  • image linking (no upload needed)
  • rdf/xml import (descriptions of images, persons, events, etc.)
  • photo browser and resource browser
  • multilingual photo annotator (title, keywords, rating, depicted persons, event, rights)
  • Type-ahead for person- and event-search

It's hosted on a shared Web server (finally testing OWLchestra and ARC in a real-world environment). So the system is not that performant, but hopefully still usable.

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