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Slides from SemWeb Workshop in Hamburg

Talking about SemWeb and Web 2.0 at Edeka
serious now ;-) I ran a SemWeb Workshop in Hamburg this week. Just a small one, less than 10 participants, but it was at EDEKA, Germany's largest food retailer, and I didn't really know what to expect. Luckily, everything went well. Friendly folks and lots of interesting questions/discussions (although they suggested to rename SPARQL, given that SPAR is an EDEKA brand now ;). It still feels a bit strange to talk about RDF and related stuff in german, my slides had some weird english-german messed-up translations. (As usual, I started creating them too late and had the silly idea to "quickly" build an own html slideshow thingy.)

Not sure if it's interesting for anyone reading this blog (it's all in german) but I've uploaded the slides (HTML, navigation via arrow keys or footer bar, TOC via "t", bugs for free). It's not really much, I mainly used them to not drift off too far, and to test Opera's kiosk mode, which is really cool.

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