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ARC Embedded RDF (eRDF) Parser for PHP

Announcing eRDF support for ARC + an eRDF/RDFa comparison
Update: The current RDFa primer is *not* broken wrt to WebArch, the examples were fixed two weeks ago. I've also removed the "no developer support" rant, just received personal support ;-)

While searching for a suitable output format for a new RDF framework, I've been looking at the various semantic hypertext approaches, namely microformats, Structured Blogging, RDFa, and Embedded RDF (eRDF). Each one has its pros and cons:

  • (+) widest deployment so far
  • (+) integrate nicely with current HTML and CSS
  • (-) centralized project, inventing custom microformats is discouraged
  • (-) don't scale, the number of MFs will either be very limited, or sooner or later there will be class name collisions

Structured Blogging:
  • (+) a large number of supporters (at least potentially, the supporters list is huge, although this doesn't represent the available tools)
  • (+) not a competitor, but a superset of microformats
  • (-) the metadata is embedded in a rather odd way
  • (-) the metadata is repeated
  • (-) the use cases are limited (e.g. reviews, events, etc)

  • (+) follows certain microformats principles (e.g. "Don't repeat yourself")
  • (+) freely extensible
  • (+) All resource descriptions (e.g. for events, profiles, products, etc.) can be extracted with a single transformation script
  • (+) RDF-focused
  • (+) W3C-supported
  • (-) Not XHMTL 1.0 compliant, it will take some time before it can be used in commercial products or picky geek circles
  • (-) The default datatype of literals is rdf:XMLLiteral which is wrong for most deployed properties

  • (+) follows the microformats principles
  • (+) freely extensible
  • (+) All resource descriptions (e.g. for events, profiles, products, etc.) can be extracted with a single transformation script
  • (+) uses existing markup
  • (+) XHTML 1.0 compliant
  • (+) RDF-focused
  • (-) Covers only a subset of RDF
  • (-) Does not support XML literals

So, both RDFa and eRDF seem like good candidates for embedding resource descriptions in HTML. The two are not really compatible, though, it is not easily possible to create a superset which is both RDFa and eRDF. However, my publishing framework is using a Wiki-like markup language (M4SH) which is converted to HTML, so I can add support for both approaches and make the output a configuration option. Maybe it's even possible to create a merged serialization without confusing transformers.

I'll surely have another look at RDFa when there is better deployment potential. For now, I've created a M4SH-to-eRDF converter (which is going to be available as part of the forthcoming SemSol framework), and an eRDF parser that can generate RDF/XML from embedded RDF. I've also added some extensions to work around (plain) eRDF's limitations, the main one being on-the-fly rewriting of owl:sameAs assertions to allow full descriptions of remote resources, e.g.
<div id="arc">
  <a rel="owl-sameAs" href=""></a>
  <a rel="doap-maintainer" href="#ben">Benjamin</a>
is automatically converted to
<> doap:maintainer <#ben>

The parser can be downloaded at the ARC site (documentation).
I've also put up a little demo service if you want to test the parser.

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