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CrunchBase Twitter Bot

Semantic CrunchBase features a bot that replies to "Pimp My API" commands via twitter
Update (2008-08-25): I've written a follow-up post explaining the main commands.

Heh, as John Crow points out, a cool way to look at work is to think in terms of being "between vacations". So, here is a fun/experimental hack from between my previous (bday on Santorini) and next (family visit at Lake Constance) vacation: It's a tweetsphere cousin of SPARQLBot who can give answers to user-defined CrunchBase API commands. (Instructions for the "Pimp MY API" tool.)

In order to use the bot, just send a known command call to cbbot (using the @-convention), for example "@cbbot, founder of Flickr". A tweet with the answer should appear on your "Replies" tab (or under "Recent", if you are following cbbot, see screenshot below).

CrunchBase Twitter Bot

The bot is implemented as a long-running PHP process (*cough*), you may have to re-start the script in case you don't get an answer within a few minutes.

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Cool stuff! Can I have the same for *please* :) Cheers, Michael
Comment by Michael Hausenblas on 2008-08-20 17:56:51 UTC
Ha! Nice work Ben. I like the avatar you made for cbbot.
Comment by Rob Olson on 2008-08-20 19:02:13 UTC
That would be cool if cbbot was on too.
Comment by karl dubost, w3c on 2008-08-21 06:18:00 UTC
Mobalizing CrunchBase with Tweets, I like it!
Comment by Nick Jag on 2009-06-08 01:37:51 UTC
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