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ARC now also GPL-licensed

ARC is now available under the W3C Software or the GPL license
Arto Bendiken and asked me to provide ARC also under the GPL (for Drupal, in addition to the current W3C Software License), so here you are.

ARC is already used by several modules that help turn Drupal into an RDF-powered CMS, for example the RDF API, the SPARQL extension, or the Calais module. The new license will make it easier for the Drupal community to directly bundle ARC with their RDF extensions. I guess that Drupal will have its own complete RDF toolkit one day, but it's great to see ARC being utilized for accelerating the development progress.

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Thanks a lot Bengee for all your work!
Comment by on 2009-03-31 13:45:13 UTC
Hey, a follow-up to my previous question about how the two licenses work together. You responded by saying that I can just choose whichever license is appropriate. I've had a chat with some of the legal folks at my company and they're uncomfortable about the use of any software that isn't clearly separated from the GPL. Would it be possible to offer two separate downloads with identical code but different version numbers/identifiers and license statements, one for the W3C license and the other for the GPL? This would allow me to download a version that is specifically under the W3C license and can be clearly identified as such by the version number/identifier. Thanks in advance!
Comment by Gareth Jones on 2009-04-24 14:00:16 UTC
Gareth, I'm afraid that would be impractical. The current source doesn't contain anything but a pointer to the license page. But you can create your own copy of the W3C software license notice and bundle it with your app, if you like.
Comment by Benjamin Nowack on 2009-04-27 07:20:04 UTC
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