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Trice' Semantic Richtext Editor

A screencast demonstrating the structured RTE bundled with the Trice CMS
In my previous post I mentioned that I'm building a Linked Data CMS. One of its components is a rich-text editor that allows the creation (and embedding) of structured markup.

An earlier version supported limited Microdata annotations, but now I've switched the mechanism and use an intermediate, but even simpler approach based on HTML5's handy data-* attributes. This lets you build almost arbitrary markup with the editor, including Microformats, Microdata, or RDFa. I don't know yet when the CMS will be publicly available (3 sites are under development right now), but as mentioned, I'd be happy about another pilot project or two. Below is a video demonstrating the editor and its easy customization options.

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Damn you tease, this looks really good :) Shame about the editor not being wysiwyg though. Just wondering if it uses the style sheets from the front end theme as that would be a nice feature that most other editor's don't employ? And release a beta please! :)
Comment by apue on 2010-05-04 14:53:39 UTC
Thanks :)

You can bring it pretty close to wysiwyg, each marked up section gets its own HTML class, too. The Media embed would need a bit of scripting to really display a video preview or image, though. I've been thinking about using "background-image" for images perhaps. You can also "force" a template (instead of using the intermediate markup), e.g. for lists, which can't be emulated via CSS alone.

The styles themselves can be set or adjusted by the site theme, but the editor doesn't directly reuse a lot from the default CSS styles, apart from button styling. What Trice supports, however, are CSS variables, so you can have an editor and a single stylesheet that adapts to theme-specific styles (e.g. a color scheme).
Re test/beta, working on it :)
Comment by Benji on 2010-05-04 16:08:05 UTC
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