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My first screencast

Tools used for a screencast about forthcoming paggr collector.
I created my first screencast this weekend, oh dear ;-)

I didn't really have a lot to talk about yet (I plan to do some screencasts for the paggr system), so this one was more for testing a number of different tools (the screencast itself is about paggr's soon-polymorphic drag and drop). I used a Windows box and found the following tools quite useful:
  • CamStudio for screen and audio recording,
  • a Magix tool (commercial, I assume there are alternatives) to cut and create an mpeg version from the CamStudio avi,
  • SUPER for converting the mpg file to the Flash video (flv) format,
  • and a free FLV player I found on the web somewhere. It hopefully isn't doing evil things on my server now..

The tools make the technical side of things rather convenient, but it still was more work than expected, and I sound just horrible (sometimes close to "zank you for traffeling wiz Deutsche Bahn", if you know what I mean).


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