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Short trip to DFKI for SWEO off-site F2F

polycom is cool, travelling with Deutsche Bahn is not.
Yesterday, SWEO's 3rd F2F took place at the MIT, and although I couldn't afford in-person attendance, Leo Sauermann from AI research center DFKI enabled a near-equivalent in Germany. I missed the first agenda item due to the usual Deutsche "zanks for traffelink wizz us" Bahn delays, but apart from that it was a fun event and worth the 4 + 6 hour train journey. Super-modern DFKI was impressive, and the multi-screen polycom with remote-controlled cam truly rocked.

sweo F2F via DFKI ploycom
pic by Leo

The train back had power sockets, so I could hack a bit, and when I arrived in DDorf at 7am this morning, I had a working RDFa parser for ARC's next release. Almost there, now..


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