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ARC API and Website

With the API release ARC gets its own Website.
ARC logo As of today, ARC has its own website: It comes with a new release that adds a convenient API to access the different components (Store, Loader, Smusher, etc.). This should make working with RDF a lot easier (easyR ™ ;)

Basic documentation is up, more to follow. I've also finally set up an SVN repository and there is going to be a mailing list soon as well.

The site is based on a new publishing framework I'm currently developing, by the way. It's SPARQL-based and uses a Wiki-like markup (M4SH, pronounced "mash") which can be converted to HTML or RDF/XML. The HTML is going to be either eRDF- or RDFa-enhanced, I haven't decided yet. At the moment it simply produces classical HTML.


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