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Semantic Web Community Shop now Open

Today we opened a spreadshirt shop for Semantic Web Merchandise
Update (2009-07-24): The Shop has been closed due to lack of sales during the last 12 months

Putting my Talis' money where my mouth is, I've set up a SemWeb T-Shirt shop in coordination with the W3C Communications team (which, btw, is working on an official W3C shop :).

The Community shop features a couple of cube-based designs, but it's also meant to support the broader SemWeb Interest Group and their members' open-source projects. I'm happy to help with designs and product creation (as time permits). Profits will go straight to the respective project maintainers.

semantic web community shop


Semweb shirt, mouse pad, and beer mats
Needed new biz cards for the webinale next week, experimented a bit with the service's other offerings while at it, and ended up with a shirt, a new mouse pad, and geeky beer mats. Hmm, should we ask the Comm team for a SWIG CafePress shop...?


Credits to Danny Ayers for the awesome "Get Your Data Out" tagline (and song!), and to Brian Manley for the CafePress suggestion.


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