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Semantic web apps to simplify my life

A wish list for the semantic web
Heh, quick update after heated discussions on IRC: I know that there are non-RDF apps as well as RDF apps for each of the items below. What I actually want, however, are solutions that look and feel like modern Web apps (hence "simple and beautiful"), but still provide things such as RDF data exchange and SPARQL access. And these apps don't really exist yet. I admit that it's apparently a real challenge for us RDFers to build them, due to our inner-platform tendencies, but I hope that we'll get there once we realize that we can combine our agile, generic backends with task-optimized front-ends.

Update 2: Have a look at These guys are doing great stuff following a "Simplicity is key" approach.

A short list of apps that I'd love to see for a more streamlined life/workflow:

A simple, beautiful, semwebby, linked data-enabled ...
  • ... feed reader
  • ... issue tracker / todo app (one setup for all my projects)
  • ... wiki (for notes, ideas, structured data)
  • ... address book
  • ... calendar
  • ... email inbox (with a bot that removes junk based on SPARQL rules)
  • ... lifelog (private posts, project posts, status updates, location changes)
  • ... online profile generated from all my data
  • ... browser-based system to explore and display the integrated information from my data apps
  • ... alert tool for selected topics/discussions on Twitter, IRC, and mailing lists
  • ... photo organizer

Some of my development work is probably in line with this roadmap, but until now I was more in the "Breadth-first" camp, often moving to the next interesting exercise once I had an initial proof of concept. Switching to "Depth-first" could already simplify my life a lot. Focusing on a smaller number of projects would not only cut down the amount of low-activity projects and parallel todo items, but should also allow me to release more stable and market-ready products in less time.


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