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SPARQL is a W3C Recommendation

The W3C moves SPARQL to REC status. ARC is part of the Implementation Survey
I guess I already pushed out enough ARC spam today, so I'll keep things short: SPARQL is now a W3C Recommendation!

What I'm personally very happy about is the Implementation Survey which features two pure-PHP implementations*. This really opens the door for mainstream Web Developers to start exploring RDF and SPARQL on off-the-shelf hosted web servers. Everything I create these days (e.g. the ARC site, including the bots and archive generators there, or this blog) is powered by SPARQL. It's an amazing productivity booster as you never have to worry about complicated JOINs or evolving database schemas again. You can just code away and it's great fun to work with. Want more Testimonials? The Data Access Working Group collected quite a number of them from W3C member organizations.

* Don't let yourself be fooled by RAP's low report scores, their SPARQL engine is quite mature, they just didn't run the whole test suite.

ARC ... RAP ... tests ... update

Some RAP tests.
In my last post about the ARC parser, I said that RAP failed on parsing non-ASCII rdf:IDs. While doing some benchmarks today, I found a simple option to allow extended ID values, so RAP *does* pass tests with extended characters. And the XML Literal issues seem to be related to the way they included my unicode NFC function: RAP by default converts every subject, predicate, and object to the normal form C, although this would only be required for serializing a model as N-Triples. This leads to an unneccessary (huge) performance loss (the time for parsing the planet rdf feed went down from 11 seconds to 3 after turning off the auto-encoding).

I'll send a mail to the RAP team in a second, but in case you don't want to wait for a fix, simply set the 'UNIC_RDF' constant (in api/constants.php) to false and your parser should work fine again.

I guess that running the string converter during the parsing *and* the serializing process is the reason why RAP's XML Literal output was no longer accepted by my test case walking script. Should be easy to fix then.

RAP V0.9 announced

RAP 0.9 supports reasoning.
Chris Bizer announced RAP V0.9, which now includes forward and backward chaining functionality.


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