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SemWeb T-Shirt Shop closed

I've closed the Spreadshirt shop we set up a year ago, due to lack of interest.
Just a quick FYI: I've closed the SemWeb Spreadshirt Shop from last year. I never had a payout (you have to reach a certain amount of profit before you earn actual money), and as I plan/have to discontinue most of my many pet projects anyway (Simplify Your Life etc.), this one was rather easy to start with.

I guess my red semweb cap just became a rarity ;)

Semantic Web Community Shop now Open

Today we opened a spreadshirt shop for Semantic Web Merchandise
Update (2009-07-24): The Shop has been closed due to lack of sales during the last 12 months

Putting my Talis' money where my mouth is, I've set up a SemWeb T-Shirt shop in coordination with the W3C Communications team (which, btw, is working on an official W3C shop :).

The Community shop features a couple of cube-based designs, but it's also meant to support the broader SemWeb Interest Group and their members' open-source projects. I'm happy to help with designs and product creation (as time permits). Profits will go straight to the respective project maintainers.

semantic web community shop


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